Dive Into Timelessness

Is it a lifestyle? Is it a new trend?
Slow down, relax and breath. Come in touch with yourself. Listen, listen, listen,… Are you entering this quiet place in your self? When you come from this stillness, you feel moved to do something or just to stay in your silence. You feel subtle changes in your awareness and it can come to you as an impulse. The quality of this impulse in yourself is doubtless, just pure power, gentle, subtle, but it is there. Let’s call this our natural flow, or improvisation lifestyle. Listen, I was moved to make the music I present below and when you listen to this see what happens to you and what you see…


How is that for you please let me know? With a lot of the music I compose in the way of stillness it doesn’t go anywhere, it might seem continuous? At first that might feel a bit enclosed. But listen again.


What I try to convey is this. Improvisation is natural, but first you have to come in touch with your stillness. Your mind is always searching for continuity and sequences time. But I am inviting you to dive in TIMELESSNESS. By Just being present and not following your thoughts but starting to follow the subtle impulses that you feel through your system that will move you in peace.

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