Only Love is Real

What if it isn’t love? What is it then? 

How nice to start with relaxation. #Breath, relax, let go. All the questions and thoughts that come up let it go… This is the practice of the improv of the one who decided not to follow and engage with the thoughts that so commonly come up in your mind and work there way into your awareness if you are not vigilant against it. 

Are you with me?

I actually mean: are you allowing yourself to listen and relax and did you disengage your defense system and #competitive sequencer. None of that you will need here. You are in the middle of an exercise, by the way. Listening is the main activity and being present. That means a lot. There are a lot of things you don’t have to do. One of them being: you don’t have to remember none of what I am sharing in an intellectual way. It resonates with you on some level and so it must already have been part of you or it could not have been resonating. 


See, now I get to my title sentence: Only Love is Real. It is definitely my favorite quote, I heard it this morning in “The Way of Mastery” book 2, ‘The Way of #Transformation’ by Joshua Ben Joseph. Just before that I read the #Bloganuary22 assignment. Instead of thinking what is my favorite quote, I asked: show me my favorite quote. I continued listening even though it was very early. I was dreaming and still heard the voice speak, then suddenly ONLY LOVE IS REAL started to sing in me, I recognized it as my favorite quote. 


part 1

There is more music I want to share. Amazing how we can use #virtualinstruments these days. So I started composing using an #Arkhis orchestra, combined with #mosaicvoices and #straylightto make it complete. This happened this morning after I finished my listening and being so excited about my favorite quote. Only Love 1 is the title of the first composition sketch. Only Love 1

Only Love 1

part 2

The second one is another musical composition called Only Love 2. This was born in a different way. My dear son was playing virtual church #organ on the midi key board and was touched by the gentleness of the sound. I used that as inspiration for the layers connected to those. Totally different genre. #FMsynthesizer#drumlab and more to come to a good sketch. Each step is always a total surprise to me, but when it #resonates with me, I know it is part of me. Well, here it is..Only Love 2

Only Love 2

Only Love is Real 2

Becoming #still, just as when I #compose music, or draw, or paint, I enjoy the #movementthrough me. The #happiness I am able to #experience by letting all this sing through me is what I love to share. Only love is real, not my ideas about love and all that. Everything that isn’t love does not exist, ok it can in your imagination, but I am talking about that part of you that always was and will be. It is present now. What an incredible “quote”, it is Life, it is whole. It doesn’t know guilt, limitation, ‘outside’ #authority, it just breaths what you are, unlimited, present, whole, perfect, LOVE.

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