Google says:
the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances,
or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


Love that as a principle. It seems like an accomplishment, but don’t let yourself be fooled: it is natural. 1+1=3 right!? Synergy is natural, it is the alchemy of existence. Look at a flock of birds flying as one. Horses running together for the fun of it..

What is in the way not to experience synergy? Your ideas, your concerns, your fixed believes. Don’t miss your opportunity to join the maths of Reality. There are no separate parts!! Let go of all ideas good and bad, smart or dumb, let go of your concerns, why hold on to your bygones!? Breath and relax, stop for a moment and come to yourself. Clarity is clear, 1=1. There is only one of us.


Does this sound to spacey? The laws of harmonics and the composition of a symphony are all based on oneness with included authenticity. I can summarize this in one sentence: what does the piece sound like in it’s authentically state? Otherwise how can you compose music when you don’t see the whole as a focus point or overview. Layer upon layer will make it complete in its harmonics. Like adding the last pieces to a puzzle, suddenly you can see it as whole. Just before that, with some open spaces it didn’t look right, but now it’s whole. This is your natural reference point: wholeness.

Today I composed another sketch with instruments you would not so easily put together in a classical setting. The pedal of a church organ, as deep base and for the rest drum machine sounds, synthesizers. Slowly but certainly the piece becomes one, how? It’s not about adding effects or the right voices, it’s not about the right synthesizer or beat box, where does it have to do with: LISTENING. With open mind, with full presence, relaxed, at the same time on the edge of your seat..

Here is my example, listen carefully if you feel like it. Is it complete already is it one and is it authentic or is there still a disturbance? You let me know.

‘Organesque” musical sketch by Wim H.

2 thoughts on “Synergy

  1. I have always enjoyed the concept of synergy. You demonstrate it very well on this blog. 1+1=3… YES! Together we are stronger than we are alone… no question about it. My husband is being evaluated at Mayo Clinic this week for congestive heart failure. The team of doctors, nurses, attendants, secretaries, taxi drivers, hotel clerks, waitresses, chefs, and prayer partners in all parts of the world are an amazing example of synergy at work. Add the Holy Spirit, God Almighty, and the Christ to this… the Trinity … three in one… and you have the most effective, synergistic team in the world! We are blessed indeed! Come see how I responded to that issue of strength on my post: I’d love to see your comments there. ❤


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