Meeting Myself

A new group, at least 37 participants are present. We meet online. Each one is resonating with ideas of #composing music, #improvisation and live performance. After an introduction of the facilitator we get the chance to introduce ourselves. What happens overwhelms me. One by one expresses something #authentic. It touches me, it #resonates with me.

So beautiful to see, each one of them. Shining stars! I am able to be open and watch and connect with every one of them. What a pleasure and fulfillment.

When you can just see and leave your judgment behind.

When you can continue the communication and don’t let anything interfere.

When you can just be present in the moment and see.

When you can continue to love and let no fear interfere.

Then the world looks totally different it becomes you.

I meet myself in you..

That happens to me and this is what I really love about myself. What a gift to meet myself open and free in every one.


The song of today is “Happy She Goes”, just uploaded it. Made the song this morning. Enjoy!


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