The Well

The well, a specific place for me. In dutch is the word ‘in de put’, like in-the-well. If you tell someone your ‘in de put’ you actually tell him you are depressed or not feeling well. I just discovered my multifunctional workspace is my well. So if I say I go to the ‘put’. I actually mean I am diving into my ‘creative crib’. My well. I go to the bottom of it. I relax or meditate, it is the place for my solitude, my closet. It really is part of my daily practice.


In order to take any further steps to start my day, my well is the place where I come to myself. First the well appears to be a physical place, like a location. I sit in my chair. I drop everything I don’t need, dislodge from any idea about myself, my relationships, my house, my street, my town my country, my planet and so on…Before I know it the place dissolves and something comes to life in me. My inner Well. This is a place with no location, you can’t spend time here, there is none.

Silence, stillness, fulfillment, innocence are not present as words but as an actual experience. I listen, I stop, I breath.. Nowhere to go, no urge to do anything, only an overwhelming sense of expectancy and comfort, loved, connected..


Just like I said I enter into a place in myself to be alone, to look for my solitude. But when I enter into the inner Well I discover I am not alone at all, you are here.. everyone is here! A new day has begun, time to celebrate..


This morning I started playing the #vintagekeys and added some #harp. After I had my time in the well, of course. Enjoy the track!

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