Icelandic music landscapes by Ólafur Arnalds, pure German piano and synth play of Nils Frahm, elevating choir á capella, with a celestial touch by Voces8 have one thing in common: they resonate with me in a deeply inspirational way. You can also say, I am very well able to open up and listen with my whole Being. 


Just watched a TEDxPerth talk with Claudio with the title “How to translate feelings into music”. She shares in a beautiful way the art of translation and she gives a demonstration of it. Isn’t it amazing that music language is universal. It moves you whether you like it or not, literally. The art of translation is what I practice, day by day. I ‘sculpture’ the music so the image is clear and the masterpiece can be shown. 


My playlist is #today, it changes everyday, [check it out by clicking on the #today]. Some songs remain on the list when I am incapable of letting them go. For a mind like mine, music is a good training material in letting go. My deep enjoyment and feeling of joining with something limitless makes me a little possessive. And I don’t want to give in to possessiveness, in order to be present now. I don’t want to hold on to something or someone, because I loose the awareness of the present. Then I just can’t be completely open to receive. My playlist #today, is fresh and new every day. An open sheet, a blank canvas, open hands, open mind, open heart..


Today’s composition can be found here. It is a pretty repetitive rhythm, but I love it and that is why I share it. Check it out if you like:

Check out this song Videntis, freshly composed.

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