Do you remember the moment that you were convinced about what you thought you saw happening or thought you said to someone? But when it came down to it, it did’t happen at all?


Most amazing discovery in my life, at a certain point, was this. I could make up a story and everyone believed it and would confirm it to me too. They became part of the illusion I brought into the world. For a while I enjoyed it, I got special attention with it. People would trust me just because of these ideas I shared. I made them part of my own little ‘conspiracy’, against something or someone. They felt special too. That was probably what I was looking for, the desire to feel that I mattered, that I could make a difference.

The enjoyment didn’t last long though. Here is where the problem started. When I started to believe my own lies, it became complex and I would get caught in my own web. That was painful. It would start to hurt, me and others. It didn’t stop me from setting up new situations though. I was still being tempted to many different made-up-scenario’s after this hurt up to a certain point.


When I went through all of this I came to a wonderful new discovery. Whatever I set up as scenario’s or scheme’s, I am doing this to myself! I am hurting myself. In that I hurt others and this had become a vicious circle at which I was about to escape.

The world around me is not defined, it is not fixed. It is only what I think it is and I get the reflections of that. This is the Eureka moment for me! This doesn’t stop here it extrapolates to everything! It starts with me, I have a choice. Am I projecting my ideas on it or am I patiently waiting long enough for it to tell me what it is and how it relates.

I certainly been up to discovering a whole new world where nothing is as it was before, my world has changed, I found the origin of all its limitation. The time has come to let the world be as it is and step back from all our (my) endeavors to fix it or adjust it to our (my) ideas. Why not starting to enjoy the freedom and connectedness that it is so willing to share and feel the part of the purpose that it has. What is this but setting each other free and coming one step closer to heaven on earth.


Just as a little reminder of where to look for the solution to solve world problems. It’s great. It’s funny. Where does it all this start?

  • Ask yourself: where do world problems start?
  • Stretch your right index finger
  • Touch the tip of your nose
  • You found the source

Second part of the exercise:

  • Ask yourself: how can my world change?
  • Stand up straight
  • Do one step backwards
  • You found the right movement to see a changed world


This is the track I came up with I love the limitlessness of it. How is this for you?

Let the world as you know it go!

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