This tree 

Come and meet me here
In a place that is so dear
On a particular night
When the stars are bright
The moon is marble and full

In the middle of many cuties
You can find this amazing beauty
Still, strong and tall
Different, you come to know it all
Tell you more right now

You will not be able to see all at once
Hold your horses, you have a chance
Spend some time when the wind blows
Join me when my heart glows
This is just the start

When I let all it all behind
When the time is right and kind
You find yourself lucky when you hear
My singing voice from far and near
Have a listen when you can

When the wind moves me to dance
Your presence will surely enhance
The passion drives, the fire flies
The party is on, no time for cries
Welcome to join, let yourself go

When it is still again and we waved good bye
You find my branches reaching the sky
Grateful for what is given and received
A miracle we would never have believed
I am alive!

The composition of today you can find here:

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