Ocean’s Poem

Diving deep into the incredible lightness of Being. Inspiration, the flow, the spark. That what brings me on the edge of my seat, right out of my comfort zone. Today that is for me: using my own vocals in the song that was composed. I decided to sing in the back vocals and sample those into the song. And I sampled me reading a great poem and using that at different heights, making it into a female vocal. Penolope Trappes inspired me to work in a different way today, I watched her on “Against the Clock” from FACT-Magazine.

Make sure to watch below the making of the song “Ocean’s Poem”. It is a 2000% speeded up Cool strip ART video you want to see!

The Poem

The poem is from a book you might know Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles

 sun and ocean are as nothing, 
beside what YOU are. 

The sunbeam
 sparkles only in the sunlight, 
and the ripple dances
as it rests upon
 the ocean. 

Yet in neither sun 
nor ocean
is the power
that rests

The Song

Ocean’s Poem

The Making Of

THE MAKING OF THE “Ocean’s Poem” as Cool Strip art video

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