Amazing how there is always something new to discover. Like today, I did an art exercise. Not just painting or drawing but I made an actual neurographic artwork. Sounds amazing right.

The idea goes that it was developed in the mid 2000 by a Russian creative entrepreneur, Pavel Piskarev, psychologist. And it can be very helpful to stay out of overthinking, anxiety and much more.

Art of Healing

My experience with making art, is that I am able to lose my mind, because I am completely present and inspired in making art. No more ‘mind chatter’ or plan making or, not so successful, problem solving. No in fact peace of mind. Silence, relaxation on a deep level. At the same time feeling alive!

The science behind it then, according also to our Russian friend, is that your neurological system is having a break by making these drawings/ paintings. That has a great influence on your health, it step by step gives your body time to recover of all the unconscious stress it was building up. It has a great benefit to your wellbeing. Completely different compared to watching your favorite series, where your mind is still ‘running’ on the background = creating subconscious stress etc. Because it is not fully engaged in what you are focussing your attention to. It is not inspired.


How to do this is simple. Get ready a canvas or piece of paper, your coloring favourites, paint or crayons, a permanent marker and some small objects.

  • You take a canvas or piece of paper.
  • With your marker you draw lines around certain objects you choose ( creditcard, mouse, bottle bottom, keys, you name it) on your medium
  • Once you see that your medium has an evenly spread set of lines you take the next step
  • Draw starting in the corner a line through the objects you have drawn.
  • Draw 2x another line through the objects
  • Every object is now connected to every other object, at least once
  • Where the lines cross one another, you see angles
  • Every angle is now going to be rounded
  • Once done with that you start coloring your project
  • As an extra touch you can draw shadows to enhance the 3D effect or … You know what to do

Here is an example of the one I did today.

Neurographic Display


6 thoughts on “Neurographics

  1. I just started doing neurographic art for a “100-Day Creative Project”. It’s been very interesting. The basic instructions I had were a bit different from yours, so I’ll be trying your method too.


      1. Yes and no. 🙂 I don’t post to Instagram or participate in the Facebook group, but I do post on my blog. I’m not posting day-by-day drawings from the project, but I have posted several, along with discussion of how the process is affecting me at a subconscious level. It has definitely been interesting. For me, it’s a bit of personal “art therapy”. You’re more than welcome to check out my blog — Artistcoveries — and look at a few of my neurographic drawings. I’m going to try the directions you listed today. I think that will be quite interesting!


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