Hardelot, you just never know..

Ever heard of a chateau Hardelot in the north western region of France? I just feel like sharing what surprised and inspired me. Just for myself to be mindful of all the pearls that inspire along the way.

Some information about the place you find here.

Visual impressions and some notes.

This is what the castle looks like from the outside. Even though it is French it has a different flag.

Amazing to see in France…

The art inside was interesting to me also in a different way.

No idea who painted it, but the use of color and light is ver inspiring to me. This has such a nice depth.

Here the amazing lot of faces I was intrigued by. All waving the ship passengers away.

Amazing thing is that in a historic place like the chateau you discover that paintings and drawings were the way to tell the story. Like photography and video these days. The patience and mindfulness that is exemplified is inspiring to me.

This painting has just an amazing crispness, it does not express overwhelming power or anything in that direction. The artist must just have loved the rhythm of the masts and flags of the ships. I do.

This map and the text next to it tell the story of what happened in the Canal at a certain point in time. All of it is put on paper with so much care. I am amazed, what people have done, with so much dedication.

My dedication

Bringing that back to my self. What do I do with great care and with total dedication.. ? I always come back to my dedication to coming to know my Self. Slowing down enough, so I start to come into my love frequency. Limitless, non-exclusive, all encompassing. Whether I feel moved to write sing, paint, or do ‘nothing’ it is an extension and expression of my Being.

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