Art is the Antidote

This came to me in an announcement for a new exhibition of Museum Voorlinden. I quote:

The past two years of lockdowns and restrictions have weighed heavily on our society. The hardening sets in, the division increases and the influx of disinformation is increasing. Own convictions seem to be the only truth, while hard science is seen as questionable and sound journalism is seen as implausible. In the midst of all the measures and mounting discussions, the average person becomes exhausted, exhausted and understimulated. Museum Voorlinden offers the antidote to this with the collection exhibition Art is the Antidote.

Museum Voorlinden: Art is the Antidote


Taking this as an invitation or inspiration. For me the activity of mind to allow an artistic, inspirational flow is what the power to heal is. What is healing but to become receptive to the inner Source and let flow what comes as an inner drive. You can never lose it, but it can be that you lose awareness of it by becoming distracted by superficial “loudness” of the voice of fear or perceived “unreasonableness”.


  • Create a musical/visual potion that will support in the recovery from self imposed limitations. The sky is no limit.
  • Write a description so each one will know when to take the potion and how to enjoy it the most.
  • Use the keyword #ARTIsTheANTIDOTE
  • Enjoy

My potion

This project is part of the Rejuvenation series.


  • Handle with care.
  • For whom?
  • “It is a visual recovery healing moment for all those under stimulated by previous limitations they imposed upon themselves”.
  • Intake: easiest way to take this potion is to stand up and move your body around. Allow yourself to go ‘wild’
  • Three doses a day would be sufficient. But take more if necessary.
  • Caution: make sure you have enough surrounding space as you are encouraged to lose yourself.
  • #museumVoorlinden #ArtistheAntidote

The Music/Video

On Soundcloud

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