Connecting the dots

One of the trends I discovered is the use of modular synthesizers. It is kind of a hype to have and use a modular synth, do some patch work and that is great! I love to see everyone in the creative mode.

Lately I started using a deviation of that which is the app #AnimoogZ a newly updated app in your I-pad or I-mac. It comes with the sounds of legendary #modular #analog #synths. Really lovely to hear. But my interest as a visual artist is the interface they use. A dynamic visual of the #arpeggio movements of the tones and the 3D effects applied, the LFO’s at work and on and on. Finally I can see what I am doing and how that inspires to ‘shape’ the music.

The Animoog Z display

In the screen you get an idea of the visual presentation of arts etc.

What happened?

By opening my visual association on this and the cable patch work related to the modular synths, I found myself painting in a different way. The cable patch work looks like this.

Patch work

on synthesisers

I always love to see it, but like I said I started using paint in a different way. A surprising #bridge to other media. (#Wordprompt) Instead of cables, I use wool, there are no #electronics involved whatsoever. But a #philosophical insight dawned on me. I revealed it in the title… Connecting the dots.

Just not to long ago I was sharing with you the #NeurographicArt and it occurs to me that making the new ‘paintings’ is very much related to making new #neuropathways. In other words it holds a #healingcapacity just because you start to connect the dots via your #subconscious, there is no way to do this all conscious in the picture below you see why. So great new discovery. Acrylic paint is a very good and colorful glue to embed the wool on your canvas. Make sure you let the ‘dots’ dry long enough.

Connecting the dots

#Wordprompt #Bridge

Here too is a song with the Animoog Z I just made.

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