It must be a new word, #monotonatic my spelling check does not recognize it. Great! One thing you learn when you learn to play a wind instrument, like I did with the trumpet, is that you play a lot of the same tones, long tones, to perfect the sound. In visual arts when you use one color we call it #monochromatic, you know this.

Today I was exploring an art exercise in the Healing Arts Project . The assignment is to play one tone and by making it dynamic, listening well, changing velocity, using rhythm or not and filming yourself doing it. Blindfolded or not.This to get in touch with what you hear and to learn to become present in listening. To listen with your whole mind instead of ears.

It is a great pleasure for me to do this. I like simplicity and purity. #Minimalism starts with this. “Breaking silence to experience silence deeper

I love it and got really into it today. In #Ableton I played with “Brushed bells” a sequence and copied that in other MIDI tracks opening different instruments to play the same monotones. Added some #chorus and #reverb to some instruments and mixed it into a #canon. One track starting two bars after one another. One of the instruments is even vocals.

To supplement this #simplicity with images I added a mix of short video recordings and stretched them to the right fit.

See and listen for yourself.

The video

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