Nook of Solace

The honeycomb of my heart

In the summer days of life I gather nectar from blossoms of sweet qualities that grow in the garden of human souls.

I store the essence of tall flowers of forgiveness, of faint-scented buds of humility, and of rare blooms of lotus thoughts.

When snowflakes of wintery experiences and earthly separations swirl around me, I seek warmth and joy in the honeycomb of my heart. There I have often discovered Thee, O Bee Divine, sipping the hoarded sweetness of my devotion. In the hive hallowed by Thee I find my nook of solace.

from “Whispers from Eternity”, Paramahansa Yogananda, Self-Realization Fellowship.

This is the starting point of a moment of sharing and joining in the self expression exercises that were given in the Healing Arts Class. This took place in a private setting and will not be available. However in the following video you will see some of the artwork made by the participants of the class.

The Introduction

Art Exercise

  • One of the assignments was this:
  • blindfold yourself or close your eyes,
  • pick up a pencil
  • start moving the pencil on the paper
  • be present letting your hand move
  • try to let go of making something

In the following video I glued my camera to the pencil and you see what happened. In the mean time I use a vocoder voice to express voice as a support in a new way. Enjoy:

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