The Innerview

The Descent

This is where I start. Noisy as a busy train station and chaotic movement of ideas all over the place. The ideas seem tempting for a minute, polished graphics, shiny and twinkeling. Finally I let the distortion be. My appointment, let’s not forget. Still deeper and deeper I have to go. The descent into this is emotional at a certain point. I don’t even know where this is about or why I am touched. For now I just let it be. Still deeper I go and suddenly a thunder of silence overwhelms me in a fulfilling way. Slowly but certainly I come to the appointed place. It is very still here. Step by step I move into a shining circle. A roofless place where you look straight into the universe. This is where I had to be.

The Innerview

The questions I prepared before evaporate in front of my eyes. I don’t even see the way I am used to. All of this energy surrounds me and I experience, I am a total part of it. A deep sense of excitement and joy come to me. The questions I wanted to ask are out of reach, I will have to improvise. But what is there to ask and to whom. Everyone appeared to be here, but de communication is immediate. Instantaneous in a way that it feels so natural. No misunderstanding, no mistrust, no confusion, no paranoia, none of that. The last thing I expected and yet the greatest surprise ever. Finally I am meeting my Self.

The Visual – exercise

In this place I just shared with you I saw a beautiful visual representation inspired by music I heard. In order for you to see it to I recorded the music. Its is up to you now to imagine the visuals connected to it. If it helps stand up and move using the music and let your imagination do the work.

Innerview, Imagination Medium, handle with care


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