Moogy Lift Off

You know the feeling of being voluntarily ‘bombarded’ with specific visual information and creativity. That happened to me last night. I got in touch with some artist that are not from here at all. Let me introduce them to you.

First I was actually watching the True Cuckoo’s Mega Tutorial on YouTube about the Moog Matriarch which is an over an hour tutorial! Very interesting and sweet. And successively I was introduced to another amazing artist Suzanne Ciani who is virtuous with her electronic patchwork on the #Buchla200E and #AniMoogZ .

I got inspired and started making music on my NI midi keyboard and using my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I looked for all the Moog sounds that directly are named like that in the DAW (Maschine 2) and found 8 of them. But after selecting the one I wanted to continue with and adding effects and arpeggio etc to the sound I lifted off into a Moog Cloud. Now I hope to inspire you to be lifted off with me by listening to this..


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